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Is This Breed For Me?


GSDs are one of the most easily recognisable breeds in the world. Their appearance should be of a muscular, alert dog with a noble and aloof attitude. The dogs are agile and well balanced in the fore and hindquarters and carry themselves with pride. Although substantially built, these dogs are not square but made up of smooth curves, the length being greater than the height. Their coats are impressive: the outer coat being hard, coarse and flat hair with a thick undercoat.

The German Shepherds most outstanding characteristic is his loyalty and devotion to his family.

One of the most intelligent and trainable dogs, the GSD has a reputation of being a one-man or woman dog, protective of his owner and sometimes aggressive towards strangers. It is true that the German Shepherds most outstanding characteristic is his loyalty and devotion to his human family. This loyaly together with your dog's responsiveness to command and natural suspiciousness of strangers makes the GSD a superb guard dog and protector of the family, however, this can be a potential problem if allowed to get out of hand with an unsocialised dog. This is a slow maturing breed with a long puppyhood, so you must be prepared to provide kind but frim discip;ine and a secure environment to help the dog develop into a well-behaved adult.

GSDs are highly active dogs, self assured and highly obedient with a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose. All this high intelligence comes at a price and this is a breed that needs a great deal of physical and mental stimulation.

Many common ailments of the GSD are a result of the inbreeding required early in the breeds creation. See HEALTH CONCERNS for more information. German Shepherds have a life span of 9-12 years, which is normal for a dog of their size. A natural breed, meaning it does not require clipping or unusual grooming. They are heavy shedders at which point they require daily combing. Not a dog for those who cannot abide dog hair on furniture, carpets, clothes etc.

Dog 60cm 65cm Dog 30kg 40kg
Bitch 55cm 60cm Bitch 22kg 32kg

COLOURS - Black & Gold, Sable, All black.
The colour White is not permissible.
Blue & Liver are not espressly forbidden, but the standard demands the nose leather be black and these dilutions show blue and brown leather.

Where the choice of colour is the main consideration of the breeder you should question their responsibility towards recommended health checks.

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