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Show Diary 2016

Date Show Entries Closing Date Judge(s)
January 16 Manchester Dog Show Society Mrs M Wildman
February 27 GSD Club of Kent Herr Uwe Sprenger
March 12 CRUFTS 04/01/2016 Mr David Hall
March 27 South Yorkshire Alsatian Association Dogs: Mr Graham Hill Bitches: Mr Neil Ibbotson
March 27 Scottish Progressive GSD Group 14/03/2016 SV: Herr Peter Arth British: Mrs Barbara MacKenzie
April 3 Bolton & District GSD Club 16/03/2016 Dogs: Mrs Barbara Banyard Bitches: Mr Andrew Winfrow
April 16 Working & Pastoral Breeds Assoc. Of Wales 12/03/2016 Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter
April 23 WELKS 16/03/2016 Mrs C E Cartledge
April 30 South of Scotland 11/04/2016 Dogs: Hans Peter Reiker Bitches: Mr Imran Husain
May 1 Southern Alsatian Training Society 12/04/2016 Dogs: Mrs Sharon Bowen Bitches: Mrs Celia Vines
May 6 Birminghan Dog Show Society 14/03/2016 Mr M H Beardow
May 7 Fife German Shepherd Dog Club 13/04/2016 Mr Neil Dodds
May 15 Southern GSD Puppy Young Dog Show & Breed Survey 15/05/2016 Normal Coats: Herr Ralf Wille Long Coats: Ang Walden
May 20 Scottish Kennel Club 29/03/2016 Mrs M Fisher-Garside
May 28 North Eastern - Spectacular Open Show Judge TBC
June 12 Derbyshire GSD Club Dogs: Mrs Heather Corkin Bitches: Mr Eric Somerfield
June 5 Southern Counties Canine Association Mrs Sue Searle
June 11 Three Counties Agricultural Society Mr K R Newhouse
June 18 Border Union Agricultural Society Mr Joe Smith (Mowgli)
June 18 & 19 GSD League, BRG & WDG Sieger Show 31/05/2016 Dogs: Herr Leonhard Schweikert Bitches: Herr Rainer Mast
June 25 British Association of GSD 30/05/2016 Herr H L Goke
June 26 Blackpool & District Canine Society 03/05/2016 Mr John Cullen
July 8 East of England Agricultural Society Mrs G C Chapman
July 16 National Working & Pastoral Breeds 08/06/2016 Mr Gary Gray
July 24 Midland Counties GSD Association 28/06/2016 Dogs: Mr John Ward Bitches: Mr Damir Javanovic
July 30 & 31 GSD Club of Scotland (Two Day Show) 30/06/2016 Mr Tom Kankkonen
August 14 South Western GSD Club 23/07/2016 Dogs: Mr Andrew Winfrow Bitches: Mr Alfred Campbell (Jamaica)
August 20 Welsh Kennel Club 27/06/2016 Dr Eugeny Kuplyauskas
August 28 Scottish Kennel Club 11/07/2016 Mrs Jean Livingstone
Sept 3 City of Birmingham Canine Association 04/07/2016 Mrs Val P Christopher
Sept 10 Richmond Dog Show Society Mr Bill Jackson
Sept 17 Clyde Valley Championship Show Mr Joe Summerhill
Sept 25 Belfast Dog Show Society Mr Ian Blackshaw
Nov 5 Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Mr Wayne Vessey