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The GSD Breed Survey

A German Shepherd Breed Survey is an accreditation of health, confirmation and temperament.

The German Shepherd Dog Breed Council and the GSD member clubs who make up the Council nominate and appoint qualified enthusiasts to act as Breed Surveyors. There are currently 12 Surveyors in the UK:
Andrew Winfrow (Sadira)
Brian Wootton (Karenville)
Brigid Fahy-Newlands (Kelnik)
Cedric Blackbourne (Karanberg)
David Bowen (Lararth)
Hugh DeZutter (Langfaulds)
John Robinson (Corjon)
John Ward (Belezra)
David Hall (Gayville)
Nikki Farley (Nikonis)
Percy Elliott (Vikkas)
Terry Hannan (Jonimay)


Buying a Puppy?

By confirming that both Sire and Dam have Breed Survey Certification will give you the peace of mind of knowing that they have all the required health checks, conform to the breed standard and meet the requirements of the GSD Breed Council.
Even though you don't want to show and only want a pet it is vital that his/her parents are health tested and have sound minds and bodies!

Why should dogs be Surveyed?

The introduction of the hip scoring scheme in the early 80s gave breeders the information they didn't previously have when pairing dogs and bitches. It was hoped that by only using low scored parents it would result in progeny having better hips and hopefully eradicating the problem one day. In recent years the breed average has reduced from 19 to 15; with continued careful breeding and breeders fully embracing the Breed Survey that average can be further reduced along with the risk of any other known health issues.
GSD enthusiasts and breed clubs collectively under the umbrella of the Breed Council have had to implement a health testing scheme of their own because the Kennel Club will not put a system in place which refuses to register pups from dogs or bitches who do not have health tests or worse, those who have the tests with bad results. In other words the Kennel Club will register puppies from any KC registered dog or bitch, even if one of the parents had a hip score of 106 they would still register the pups.


Class One
Dentition: Must have a full and correct mouth - 42 teeth correctly spaced and positioned
Hip Status: Most not have a score total of more than 20. Not more than 12 on one hip.
Elbow Status: No more than a score total of 1.
Size: Males should be no more than 66cm high. Females should be no more than 61cm high.

Class One (minus)
Males which are over 66cm high but below 68cm, females which are over 61cm but below 63cm but are otherwise excellent animals.

Class Two
These are the allowed variations to the Class One qualification.
Dentition: Allow up to two missing P1 or one missing incisor, or one missing P2 or one double P1.
Elbow Status: No more than a total score of 2.
Size: Males upto and including 68cm. Females upto and including 63cm who are not otherwise considered excellent animals.

Failure of either character test or gun-shy animals will be ungraded.

Any thing outside the range listed above will mean an automatic fail.

Long coats - the letters "L/C" must be included after the classification awarded i.e. 'Class 1 L/C'

What happens at a Breed Survey?

Dogs/Bitches over 18 months of age are presented to the nominated Surveyor. The owner will have completed a Survey form which besides the basic information of the owner and breeder will also include hip and elbow score results, heamophilia test for all males, microchip numbers, KC registration numbers, three generation pedigree and line breeding.

The Surveyor assess the confirmation of the dog in stance and movement. Measures the height at the withers, the depth and circumference of the chest. Checks that there is full and correct dentition. Assesses soundness and if the Surveyor is unsure to what degree of an entrant's unsoundness should affect its classification they should consult another Surveyor available at the time.

The dog must pass two character tests. One is a crowd test and the other should test the character of the dog without menace or provoking.

Dogs should be sound to the gun fired approximantely 15 metres away. A gun-shy dog will be ungraded.

Long coated dogs will be assessed in the same manner.

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